History of Badminton in Gibraltar

Badminton was first introduced in Gibraltar by the Services Personnel in 1958 when they organised the "Gibraltar Command Inter Unit Badminton Cup Tournaments" and the "Gibraltar Command Badminton Championships".

Between 1958-1967 the Gibraltar Command Inter Unit Badminton Knockout Cup was dominated by the RAF. The results were as follows:

Team Name Score
R E 1
Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry 1
Gibraltar Badminton Club 1

On the 19th March 1966, Maurice Montegriffo became the first local to reach the "Gibraltar Command Badminton Championships" singles final, where he was beaten by Chong. In the same year, Harry Ward won all three titles (Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles) in the Open Championships

On the 30th September 1968, the Gibraltar Badminton Association was formed comprising of the following committee:

Position Title Name
President L. Andlaw
Vice President A M Montegriffo
Secretary J M Reyes
Treasurer J L Olivero
Committee Member Miss P Jones
Committee Member Messrs Sanchez
Committee Member Jones
Committee Member Holmes
Committee Member Casciaro

In 1970, the GBA won the first Open League and Maurice Montegriffo and Harry Ward represented Gibraltar in the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh, then known as the British Commonwealth Games.

Year Winner Runner Up Score
1970 Warner Lee 15-17, 15-5, 15-6
1974 F. Farish B. Pollard 15-12, 15-6
1970 S. Purvis M. L. Guerero 11-9, 11-4
1974 S. Purvis B. Dunn 11-2, 11-0
1970 Lee / Harrison Warner / Ammugan 15-9, 6-5 (injury)
1974 Farish / Pollard Montegriffo / Avellano 15-4, 15-1
1970 Purvis / Reubens Petre / Talt 15-5, 15-7
1974 Purvis / Dunn Pollard / Sheppard 10-15, 15-11, 15-4
1970 Lee / Reubens Warner / Warner 18-14, 15-3
1974 Pollard / Pollard Montegriffo / Purvis 11-2, 11-0

Following this, the Victoria Stadium Sports Centre was opened in 1976. Prior to this, all Open Championships were organised by the Combined Services and all league matches were staged at their venue as it was the only acceptable Badminton Venue on the Rock. As a consequence of the opening of the Victoria Stadium, on 15th May 1977, the Gibraltar Badminton Association organised the first ever Gibraltar Open Championships

The GBA was elected to the European Badminton Union (EBU) and subsequently the International Badminton Federation (IBF) in 1986 upon which the constitution was re-written in 1987. Since then, a distinction was made between the two major tournaments held throughout the year:

You can view past winners of the National Championships in the document below.